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"Personally I can't really see the point of taking pictures of your kids in the bath unless you're planning to embarrass them when they get older but some people seem to do it"

Since the advent of photography people have been documenting their children's lives - usually the happy times. That means holidays and playful moments. The majority of family albums from the1970s onwards would include some beach or bath-time shots.

About 20 years ago there was flurry of prosecutions of naturist families centred on their family albums. In the UK the guidelines about "indecent" pictures are very broad. Most family albums would contain something that would fall into those categories - even full clothed.

The fact that teenagers are embarrassed by certain childhood pictures is common. Those same pictures will be treasured by them when they are older and looking back on their life. Our sense of identity is formed from our memories - and those of our friends and family

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