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Re: What <i>the hell</i> are Microsoft doing going through our files?

Why should anyone else have their rights removed because you couldn't keep your legs closed? Why is it our problem you reproduced?

I am upset because one highly untrustworthy organization (Microsoft) has unrestricted access to our files and is using this to not only search our files but then report on us to another highly untrustworthy set of organizations (LEAs/spooks). You, personally, may like the fact that one of the net results of this is that content that you find disturbing is reported. Grand. I disagree.

I am not remotely a fan of child pornography, or snuff videos, etc. That said, I do rather enjoy sex that goes beyond bland missionary position where everyone is clothed in Victorian attire and accompanied by a dozen chaperones. What I watch is probably illegal in the UK (though not in Canada), and I'm sure it's illegal in half the states of the USA. NOW we're into some murky waters.

Just who gets to play moral guardian? And where did they obtain that power? If I'm in Canada and my files are in ????, and the US is all over the fucking world, who gets to tell me what I can or can't watch/download/put in OneDrive, etc?

And who is to say that trawling for things that you, personally, consider "sickening" content is all they're trawling for? Maybe they also hunt dissidents for China? Or for the US? Are you okay with Microsoft going through everyone's Onedrive in order to help build lists of Muslims? What about finding out if someone is, or knows an illegal immigrant? How about pictures of weed? Or going through Skype conversations where someone talks about smoking weed?

Where does this all end? Should we be using our cloudy surveillance powers and ability to force updates on OSes (and remember, the FBI can hack anyone int he world for any reason now!) to make sure nobody puts out an extra bag of garbage?

I'm all for stringing up pedos and murders...but let's not lose sight of the outrageous dangers of unrestricted warrantless fishing expeditions. Especially with so many neo-facists running around wanting to lock up identifiable groups and/or hunt down political dissidents.

I seem to recall the last time we ignored that, it ended really, really badly.

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