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"Their servers, their rules."

Quite. I know it's great to go off on one about the privacy issues, which IMO don't exist in this case. You put your stuff in the cloud? Read the T&Cs of the service (they are all slightly different) and the legislation of the jurisdiction in which the service is provided (it's not the UK in this instance). There's no presumption of privacy with cloud storage[1]. This is why my industry will not put its data with a cloud service unless there's a contract that states that the data stays in an EU member state and significant penalties if the service provider breaks that rule.

Do people not realise that (some) admins have godlike permissions that let them see *everything* on the system?

Paris, because she's dumb enough to stick her sex tapes in the cloud.

[1] As some "celebs" who chose to put their selfies and home made porn on cloud storage have discovered.

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