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Re: What <i>the hell</i> are Microsoft doing going through our files?

Rudderless, consider this:

You take a few photos of your kids playing in the bath.

Or on the beach or whatever. They're having fun, you want to remember that moment and it's wonderful.

You back those photos up onto OneDrive.

Some time later the Feds turn up on your doorstep, grab you and bundle you into a black car.

After months of pre-trial incarceration, you discover that somebody at Microsoft misread the context of your photos and reported them as being child porn.

Fortunately you have an expensive lawyer and manage to convince the judge/jury that they're normal innocent photos of the type a proud parent might take.

In the meantime, your kids have been taken into care, you've loat your job, had your reputation ruined and your life destroyed.

If you can't afford said expensive lawyer, well...

Still want Microsoft to proactively search your OneDrive?

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