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Well, shall I shed tears or what?

Ukraine pretended to investigate and in reality did f*** all (if not assisted) in more than 8 cases of blowing up the grid pylons between mainland and Crimea with dynamite. They got whacked in return.

Let's say you are making a living off software and you cannot work for days because the Ukrainian police are standing around smoking and giggling while "freedom fighters" attach dynamite to a grid pylon. Let's say you do some of the gray (if not black) hat stuff to make a living. Are you going to be pissed. I would.

There are plenty of people entirely unrelated to Putin and the Russian state living in Crimea (quite a few of them way towards the black part of the hat color). Some of them are even on the FBI most wanted list (you can check last well known locations for them - at least 2 were in Crimea last time I looked). So the Ukraine grid being knocked out as a retaliation does not surprise me. In the slightest.

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