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Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts

Trevor_Pott Gold badge

What <i>the hell</i> are Microsoft doing going through our files?

Neither OneDrive nor Dropbox (and presumably not Google Drive) can be trusted. Use for a sync-n-share solution that is designed from the start such that the vendor can't crack open the storage and poke around inside. Not only that, they're Canadian, so it's at least a wee bit harder for the government to useless try to demand they do so.

Now consider this: Onedrive is built both into the OS and into Office. It is a miserable to change and nearly impossible to remove default. The fact that Microsoft can and do go rifling around in our Onedrive accounts means that everything Microsoft tells us about their "commitment" to privacy and security are absolute bullshit.

Microsoft's continual demands of "trust us" aren't just wearing thin...they should, at this point, be considered criminally misleading.

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