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Microsoft sued by staff traumatized by child sex abuse vids stashed on OneDrive accounts


Re: @palpy: Yup. Quite bullshitty.

And I'm responding to Mr. Bombastic, who likes to overstate things. Back at him, so to speak.

But the greater question remains: What if trawling through online files, whether OneDrive or Dropbox or some nasty repository on the darkweb, gets some seriously psychopathic predators put away? That is a pretty high public good, given the nastiness of these criminals. Where then do we draw the line between individual privacy and public good?

This is not a new question, eh? Old as the Code of Hammurabi. (Well, maybe not quite.)

What is new, perhaps, is the ability to share first-person evidence of criminal activity over digital media.

Serious question: does this change things? Or do we just ignore the possibility of finding psychopaths and eliminating the harm they do, absent other incriminating evidence?

How much culpability accrues to those who host such files? What is their responsibility? Are they to honor only the individual right to privacy, or should they also honor a responsibility to the public good?

*shrug* I do not accept "damned well get a warrant" as an answer. It's simple. But the situation is not.

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