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Re: "poor widdle snowflakes..." Et tu, Bomba Bob?

We is curious, Bob: if you had a 5-year-old daughter who was gang-raped and then slowly snuffed, and the video was posted online, would you wish the officers o' de law to track down where it was first uploaded (onto OneDrive, say), and by whom?

Or would you just write your kid off as a loss, and have a good laugh on the whole thing down at the bar?

That's a little bit of an unfair question, but the difficulty is that we're talking about evidence of damnably heinous crimes.

I'm all for privacy. I'm also all for the perps of sadistic crimes getting caught and put away. And that's the dilemma in a nutshell, I think. I see no answer which preserves perfect privacy, and still facilitates these nastiest of criminal types getting their comeuppance.

As far as the people required to vet the files... well, if my employer required me to view gay fetish porn 8 hours a day (let alone child snuff porn), then I'd effing quit. I couldn't do it. The psychological effect on most people of witnessing intimate personal violence is called post-traumatic stress syndrome -- except that if the precipitating events are ongoing then it can hardly be post-traumatic. It's just bloody ongoing traumatic.

Actually, as I sit here half-seas-over and think, it seems that this situation really points up the thorniness of individual privacy versus public good. Again, I see no easy answer.

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