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Actually, here, mongodb is like a car, let's assume so ... you have never been in a car on the road, you have merely seen them drive past your porch, you know nothing about road signs, traffic lights etc .... now, you want a car, so you buy one with automatic transmission ... you do not care to read the manual to the car or the national driver's manual, coz car is "automatic" and "easy to drive", so the sales guy told you ... imagine what happens next ?

If you do not want to learn how to do it prroperly, go pay some cash to someone who does know how to do it properly.

The big issue is, these 0wned instances might get used as botnets or whatever ... especially if the owner does not pay up ...

I am all for saying John Doe might be a good mechanic, however, in this case, John has chosen to play dba and there are things you need to learn before setting up a database, and no, quick installation instructions are NOT enough ...

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