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I thought kitty litter absorbs smells?

Depends on the kitty litter. The nice compressed wood stuff we use does (a bit) until the sawdust smell wears off. Or at least - it works for the liquids. Not so well for the solids (especially for the bolshie[1] little cat that doesn't follow cat etiquette and bury it[2]..

[1] Actually - more like somewhere on the autism spectrum. We rescued her (with her mother and 4 siblings when she was 3 weeks old - her mother was about 7 months old - and she was a very sick little kitten. Fortunately, a mix of good care and good vets meant that she and 3 of her siblings survived. However, she's never been entirely normal, even for calico-cat versions of normal..).

[2] Since the house is our territory, cats will bury their output when using the tray. If you see a cat not doing that, except for [1] then it's a pretty good bet that they consider their dumping ground *their* territory and them as boss..

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