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Man jailed for 3 days after Texas cops confuse cat litter for meth

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And the politicians will, likely as not, support them too, because the majority of our 'representatives' are not only in favour of over-zealous displays of 'law and order' but actively work to increase the powers of the agencies and law enforcement while simultaneously reducing any restrictions or oversight and removing what few public protections are left.

We saw that over here with the Dotcom (or is it Dotkom? can never remember) affair. "Mr (former PM) Key, what those agents did in this case was highly illegal, they need to be arrested, charged, tried, and sent away for a very long time"

"Nope, wasn't illegal. We, the "National" party, will (under urgency no less!) change the law retrospectively so what they did is no longer a crime and they cannot be charged."

(They were good at that, passing a hell of a lot of stuff under urgency (even stuff that wasn't urgent and stuff that really needed a lot more work), making sure their people who committed crimes were clear, making sure their rich friends could get richer, while making it harder for people to get work, and making a few things that weren't illegal criminal offences with prison time available, and also retrospective IIRC)

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