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"Yikes! The inside of my van resembles a thrift..."

In the case of my motor, at various times, a combination of: Dirty great sharp ham knife, acid (hydrochloric, wouldn't want to give the wrong impression), acetone, packet or jam jar of white lightweight somewhat fluffy powder (wallpaper paste), Hypodermic syringes AND needles white power (fine surface filler - may not be an a labelled box), enough sharps to lacerate an army (miscellaneous knives, saws,scissors, drills and chisels etc), various aerosol cans, various dodgy looking power tools, electronic instruments - laser measuring devices, gas analyser, 500V Insulation tester / continuity tester / RCD / PSC tester ....

Just depends on what I'm doing at the time ... A lot of the small low value items tend to live in door pockets, glove boxes and boot all the time.

As for the state of the thing --- I've got better things to do than clean it out every month, let alone every night. The annual emptying out so they can get in to do the MOT is bad enough - takes weeks before it's back to normal

And like you, ac I don't mind littering my own closed property but detest those b*****ds who want a lovely clean car at the expense of everywhere they pass through,

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