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That disdain is a primary contributor to the problem. Fix your own car, do you? Could build one on your own? Know how to run a lathe and CNC? Forge metal parts? No problem fixing anything in your domicile that goes wrong? Never need a service call, correct?

If you need any help with those, you must be less than a burger flipper.

Many people just want to drive somewhere. Many just want to turn on the heat or take a shower and have it work. And the same with online publishing. Lots of people have very high skills in other aareas besides programming (yes, they exist) and don't care how the web works, they have stuff they want to share or discuss. And the people who could help most shit on them instead.

So we have Facebook and Wordpress and Flickr and other low-entry crap polluting the web. It's really your fault for not doing better. You are an expert in human interface, correct? Don't need any help with that, I hope. Should be easy then.

If you think WP is crap, make something better and help the world with your expertise.

Let us know when it's done. We could use it.

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