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They just don't get it

The paid liars want people to believe that the punishment for a crime is suppose to be "equal" to the damages incurred. That is NOT what punishment is suppose to be under law. Punishment is meant to discourage the perp and other potential perps from committing crimes. The U.S. computer hacking laws are not draconian at all. Allowing this criminal to get off with just a 5 year prison sentence and repayment of $95,000 is an insult to the populace who is violated by these crims.

The paid liars will continue to dupe the gullible who think punishment is meant to be equal to the crime. To illustrate the point... If a person robs a bank, gets caught a week later and decides to give back the money he has left over from a buying spree, should this person just be able to repay the money and escape prison time? I don't think so. He probably endanger many people's lives and as such belongs in prison with the hackers.

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