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How do they find customers ? Care to name the shame ? Whistleblower and all that ...

This also means they do not have a central database connection component in their solution, which probably means "very poorly written code".

Finding customers? Plural? I saw their sales figures for the past year, and they found one. Then they decided to revamp their product management, implemented scrum, and went from dumb to dumber. Yes, the product has a lot of poorly written code, and its performance is abysmal. The remaining programmer is competent, but he's planning on leaving soon. No reason to stay.

The "root" user is "locked down" by limiting the user to local access only. However, the version of SSH is also old, and full of holes. If someone really wanted in, they'd be in.

It's sort of pointless to blow a whistle on them, as they're going downhill anyways. Amazon has a page about management principles. These guys are those principles' negation.

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