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>She was searched and the foil wrapper of a KitKat was discovered.

Yikes! The inside of my van resembles a thrift shop with a rubbish bin emptied in it! There is no shortage of foil, cellophane, duck tape, adhesive, clothes, books, tools, empty-ish tobacco packets, nik-naks, and other junk, rubbish and precious things. And that's just the cab.

No officer of the law has ever taken the opportunity to search my vehicle. They seem to share my opinion that it wouldn't be a good use of police time, even if they did eventually find a gram of Moroccan Black.

My vehicle might be slobby, but I hate seeing my picturesque countryside marred by MacDonalds packaging dumped by some jerk from a the window of a Renault Clio or some sort of Vauxhall. When I'm king, all fast food wrappers will be printed with a picture of the customer. "Put it in the bin or I'll kick you in the shin!"

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