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CIA director AOL email hacker coughs to crime


Quoud licet Iovi non licet bovi ?

«Sarah Harrison, the acting director of the Courage Foundation, which had raised emergency funds for Liverman, said: "Without CWA, the public would not know that the Director of the CIA did not take adequate precautions around his own security clearance questionnaire. There's barely any point talking about 'cyber attacks' from sophisticated nation state actors when the highest-level officials are leaving the front door wide open." Harrison continued:

If John Brennan will not face any penalty for his negligence, there's no good reason why anyone else should do. Justin Liverman's potential sentence is outrageous given the relative triviality of the Department of Justice's allegations. Courage's emergency appeal for Justin will remain open until he no longer needs our assistance.»

I think Ms Harrison nailed it. Mr Brennan's negligence, which in his position should certainly be regarded as criminal, goes unpunished ; Mr Liverman, however, who performed a service in revealing the above, faces being put away for a long, long time. I suppose that's «justice», in the «indispensable nation»....


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