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You have it wrong.

The problem with the system here is that for a single crime they they bring multiple charges. So you are sentenced on multiple charges for a single crime and the sentences often run consecutively. This can mean long stretches in prison for the multiple charges related to a single crime. It can be so draconian that even if you are not guilty you plea the case rather than take the chance with being found guilty. In this specific case by taking a plea on the Conspiracy case the guy avoided trial on multiple Felony charges that could see him being sentenced to decades in prison.

In most other developed countries sentences run concurrently so you really only serve the longest sentence even for unrelated charges. In fact I doubt there is anywhere in the world where prosecutors can spin as many charges for single crime as they do here.

For the rest of the developed world District Attorneys and judges are technocrats. Here they are elected officials, politicians. They want to appear tough on crime so justice gets shafted in most case in favor of bringing tough charges for the simplest or crimes and padding every possible charge you can find for each crime that is committed

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