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Sad to say, the default VCS backend for TFS is Sourcesafe :-(. It might not say it on the box, but if you use it, it's very clear that's it's heritage, it's got all the same horrible limitations.

To compound TFS problems, the web front-end has to work with Microsoft crap browser, so no nice dynamic web app stuff going on like BitBucket has.

Stick TFS is a really poor cousin to BitBucket Server, even if you use Git backend. It's defect tracking is dire too, and CI build system, even V-Next is a poor man's Bamboo. It also costs 10x the price...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft acquire Atlassian, their product is vastly superior, and they are still affordable, and git seems to be a common thread in all the chatter within TFS circles at Redmond.

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