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When will Perforce properly deal with line endings?

When will it be capable of showing the labels in the history of a file or workspace?

- Or even handling large numbers of labels without falling over. "Lightweight" changelist labels are a start, but I can't see those in the GUI at all from a workspace!

When will it be capable of showing the *full* commit history of the *project* - see the "railtrack" git demo screenshots for what I mean.

When will it be able to show the history of stream "imports" in any way, shape or form?

- It does seem to be tracked but I have no idea what point that actually gets stored, and neither do your support.

These are necessary tools for multi-developer, multi-platform projects, that are either horribly naive or sadly lacking in Perforce.

That's before considering refactoring when files are split up. Git tracks that - while Perforce barely manages a rename!

Perforce/Helix is radically behind - DVCS is not just about local versioning.

- Unfortunately yes, I am rather bitter. Perforce/Helix has burned out at least one of our good guys, and cost me personally over a hundred hours of work in a few months, fixing depots and working around its shortcomings. We finally do have a workflow that mostly works, but it works despite the tool, not because of it.

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