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Can't say I've tried Mercurial, which would be one of the main competitors to git… but I remember git from when it was officially the back-end "plumbing" to be used with a "porcelain" package like cogito. It was officially the "stupid" version control system, hence its name.

It has matured a lot. A big part I suspect in its adoption would be its status as the standard Linux kernel version control system, Linus having started both Linux and git. Prior to git, well for a while some used Bitkeeper, Linux/MIPS used CVS, and much was tracked by hand!

At the time I knew the basics of CVS, and knew Subversion reasonably well. Git took a bit of getting used to being distributed versus centralised, but little by little I began to get to understand it. It is now my go-to version control system.

There's a lot there and rarely does one need to understand it all at once. It isn't without its frustrations, but it's one version control system that wields a lot of power, if one takes the time to get to know it. Bisect and rebase are two really handy tools I find… the former for finding where something broke, the latter for keeping one's local branch in sync with some up-stream branch.

The only distributed system I have used other than Git is Bazaar, and frankly, I find it aptly-named, never did quite understand what was going on there, sort of like Subversion, but distributed.

There are a few others like Darcs and monotone, but my advice to new starters would be to look at Git and Mercurial as those seem to be the two main contenders.

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