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These days decentralized VCS is *normally* the way to go and Git is the defacto choice here. If I were setting up any software project I'd choose git first unless there were a reason not to. I ported a very large project from CVS to Git a few years ago - trivial merges and updates went from taking 20 minutes down to seconds. Even compared to Subversion it's fast and stuff like merging / rebasing is just so much easier. One interesting thing about git is that the entire cloned repository with all its history often takes up less space on disk than a single Subversion snapshot because svn preserves a pristine copy of every file you checkout to save itself a roundtrip when looking for changes.

The main reason I might choose a centralized system would be a repo with millions of files, lots of changes, lots of binary data, Word docs, CAD files etc. Most centralized repos allow people to snapshot just a bit of it in an ad hoc fashion. Git can do a shallow clone but generally treats the repo as an atomic entity which is cloned in its entirety or not. Git can only workaround this with submodules or subtrees and certainly not in an ad hoc fashion.

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