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Richard 12 Silver badge

There's a lot of thing Perforce just Won't Do

Like "Give me the full list of commit descriptions between labels X (new) and Y (old)"

You know, a core function of any source control system.

It's simple to get that for the current branch/stream, but actually impossible to get it to reliable include all merged branches/streams - you often get bits from before Y, and sometimes everything that has ever happened ever.

After four months of trying I finally got something that almost works, but not quite.

It means the automated build reports are rarely correct - and that is very scary.

In short, Perforce is a very poor tool for management of code history.

On top of that, it can't deal with line endings in a sane way, it can't show you the history of what got imported from other projects (it's apparently there but impossible to see in any way)... the list goes on.

In short, Perforce is a very poor tool.

I would say that git is at least a decade ahead, and that Perforce will never catch up.

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