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Sexbots, you say?

From "A Perfect Vaccum", by Stanislaw Lem:

The dark underground, whose walls become lit by the beam of the flashlight, turns out to be something between a museum and a part of an exposition (or, more appropriately, sexposition) for a powerful concern, evidence of those memorable years when America conquered Europe once again. Half manual manufacturing of Europeans clashed with an unstoppable pace of conveyor production, and the post-industrial scientific-technological colossus quickly won over. Three corporations were left on the battlefield: "General Sexotics", "Cybordelics" and "Love Incorporated". When the volume of production of these giants reached its peak sex, out of private entertainment or group exercise, hobby or amateur collectioning, grew into the philosophy of civilization. McLuen, who lived to that time still a stout old man, proved in his "Genitocracy" that it was the destiny of mankind once it stepped on the road of technological progress. That ancient rowers, chained to the galleys, loggers of the North with their woodsaws, Stephenson's steam engine with its cylinders and pistons defined the rhythm, type and meaning of the motions that defined copulation as the main event of human existence. After adopting the complications of sexual positions of the East faceless business changed the medieval shackles into unchastity belts, occupied artists and designers with creation of copulators, megapenises, vaginettes, sexariums and pornomats, started the sterile conveyors that continuously produced sadomobiles, lovistors, home sodomizators and public homorobots, and founded research institutions that started a struggle for emancipation of both sexes from the duty of procreation.

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