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A Simple Misinterpretation Corrected ......

So, if you're afraid of the future, other people will know? ... Big John

Oh no, Big John, it is much more the case of if you are personally and/or corporately responsible for cynically creating fear in the future and/or fear of the future, will other people know of your wanton work. Such then allows streaming of facilitation of swift and anonymous and autonomous corrective activity/reaction/proaction/HyperRadioProActive IT Countermeasures. The CyberIntelAIgent Messaging Machine virtually protecting itself from the possibility, and therefore very real probability of attempts at breaching security defences and attacking systems and administrations with dumb human abuse and misuse.

And such actions may also include far-reaching and crippling SWIFT activity in accounts held close and dear to the cold heart, and most likely quite probably the root human abuse and misuse cause of the problem right at the heart of all that matters to them. Pathetic indeed, yes, but such be the nature of ignorant and arrogant beasts.

My apologies for the former text ambiguity, Big John.

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