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The Pine 64 runs Android 5 and linux well and I would say compares very favorably with the RPi in terms of general performance however there have been problems.

Shipping of Pine64 purchases had been delayed significantly (months originally) with forum posters who did get deliveries complaining of missing/faulty parts.

IMHO the management team bought in expertise to design the board but seemed to hit every pitfall that an experienced team would have avoided when bringing the product to market.

Things seemed to have improved a lot since the team have actually learned what to avoid the hardway but little things like making a guy into a mod who posted continually how inexpensive the board as ultimate justification for everything when people complaint that it did not work as advertised has made most technically competent people abandon the forums. On the community side the pine is no match for the RPi in terms of quantity of people willing to do something rather than waiting around for someone else to do it for them.

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