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@Adam52 "Everything hidden" as excuse Android exclusion

Did MS provide the full source for the windows 1D IOT then or make the operation of the OS more overt than the android SDK?

Last time I went to the "other OS/Android" section of RPi forums the formatting was still corrupted to force RPi users wishing to discuss Android on the RPi off the server.

I am not saying Android RPI is a must, merely that is something that people wanted and restricting options is not what the RPi is supposed to be about.

Add in the fstupid limitations imposed on posters and mods on the same forum by the foundation regarding the then news of RPI3 FCC documents suggests a policy of MammaKnowsBest. See and the RPI forums for all the people who had their posts referring to subject deleted.

Lastly I bought at least one of every RPi (except the zero) so until MammaKnowsBest starts giving the RPi away for free I think I should get a choice on what OS and applications I would like to play around with on the hardware I purchased.

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