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If you really do believe that, W Donelson, you really have no clue about A.I. and what IT can do and is doing.

Be in no doubt though, the super-rich and corporations have valid enough fears about the changes that are being AI wrought, even as you read these words. But such is as a result of their own making and constant taking.

You can bet on it, ....... and betting on IT and AI in the form of stock and bond market shenanigans, is one way in which you can remotely participate and experience the mad rushes in business clashes and flash crashes for it can be as a mirror and systems driver to the collateral damage of attacks on Advanced IntelAIgent Machines.

And it is one of strange quirks and ironies of life with IntelAIgent Machines in Live Operational Virtual Environments, ...... the more you mess with and try to prevent future changes with cynical anonymised command and crooked remote control, the more exposed and weakened and identified are that and those responsible and accountable for such a manifest abortion.

And the executions in systems which tinker and tamper/fiddle about with Virtual Machines, are certainly not pleasant and painless viewing spectacles for the faint hearted and lily livered. Sweet common justice is brutally efficient in abusive cases.

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