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2016: The Rise of the Intelligent (cloud) Machines

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Secret Advanced Services .... with Substance Accompanying Style

2016: The Rise of the Intelligent (cloud) Machines ….. It was therefore a telling sign of the arrival of AI and ML in that these rivals should make take that most traditional of industry steps and form an alliance - The Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society with IBM, DeepMind and Facebook. The Partnership will conduct and publish research on AI and develop best practices.

Much will depend how the cloud providers serve their rulers, the king-makers, in 2017.®

Serve their rulers, the king-makers, in 2017??? …. Oh please, you cannot be serious? Has the past year and the decades not taught you anything yet, or is it that you continually fail to learn for yourself all that you need for the future to supply for you ITs Bounteous Feeds and Immaculate Seeds.?!

Hmmm ….. 2017: The Rise of SMARTR Advanced IntelAgent Messaging for the Making and ReMastering of Right Royal Dynasties …… Putting Prime Future Histories Front and Foremost into Media Programming with

Heads Together and Hearts and Minds Playing Out Fabulous Fabless Scripts ….. Superlative CodeXSSXXXX?

And there y’all were, not thinking at all about what Palaces do with their free time and scantily clad resources/practically invisible sources. ………

amanfromMars [1612260959] ….. spreading the word on

Wars and conflicts are not won with battles nowadays, they are ended with the presentation of elite executive administration of peace with an endless supply of engaging prosperity, and that is as a result of the provision of an Advanced Intelligence with Novel Proprietary Intellectual Property for sale/lease lend.

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You know it makes sense, even if you are not able to make sense of what is already done and being done, and what else will always still need to be done to be unbelievably successful and virtually omnipotent with a practical omniscience.

They and that which dare care share not, loses everything on those battlefields of conflicts. I Kid U Not :-)

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