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female centric Utah will never learn

"watching naughty vids “is linked to lessening desire in young men to marry, dissatisfaction in marriage, and infidelity”."

How about the fact that women initiate more than 80% of divorces, win because of no fault divorce, get full custody 90+% of the time, destroy the man through child support and alimony, and even put him in jail with back payments? Men losing their driver's licenses and their jobs because of back payments? Women in concert with social services, alienating fathers from their children? What about rampant paternity fraud? What about abused men getting arrested for calling the police for help under mandatory arrest and primary aggressor laws?

But of course, polygamist Mormon idiots would NEVER, not in a million years, criticize women. They tried the same old shaming tactics to make men marry again with the PragerU youtube videos "Be a man. Get married." and they got what they deserved: overwhelming dislikes.

Porn is a symptom, not the cause. It just happens to be there to pass the time. In the past it was different things. Like clubs. Women's "temperance unions" tried to shut that down too. Remember prohibition?

Why should men get married under these laws and the awful behavior women, which is REWARDED by the government?

Screw you Utah for the gynocentric cucks you are. Why aren't you banning "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

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