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Howdy, Alistair,

Effective limitation of transmission of the product is always going to be the extra expensive add-on which can only be fitted and serviced by OEM. To imagine a third party custom made item/process/program as effective in limitation presupposes an original design which permits foreign tinkering and that would be a spin off root for lessor systems.

With particular and peculiar regard to ....

The military would *love* to have the ability to claim these things as weapons in their stockpiles, and as always they'd play with the value.
.... that ability easily and immediately follows the clearing of the cheque and lodgement of monies due to product suppliers. It is as simple as that.

And I just love the possible reality of the last sentence ...... It is just that the most fertile field from which the harvest can be made is very unlikely to want to be farmed, rather more likely to scatter the results like wild oats. ...... although if it be great for business is the want more probable to be supplied under strict contracted contact terms and conditions to favoured elite customers in their own secured off shored/out sourcing facilities.

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