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Dear amanfromMars 1, what's your views on Trump? .... phuzz

A smart weapon in the right hands to capture hearts and minds and something else completely different and destructive for evil minded status quo establishment application and operations.

And I’m pretty sure media will tell us nothing at all about any of that, unless it is paid and it pays to lead bankrupted systems out of their miseries with new magic future direction for daily presentation of novel working content …… for Advanced Applied Augmented Reality Shows ….. NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive News Productions.

Surely y’all are not thinking that tomorrows just happen, and are not comprehensively planned to appear for pre programming of the masses? Ye Gods, that would be an ignorant insanity and both directly and indirectly lead to all manner of unchoreographed mayhem and madness.

Is that what you recognise virtually everywhere today? Is that what your mainstream media input to output news is presenting to you as the reality and future programmed picture to live in/to be lived in?

That be undoubtedly Certifiable Madness proven in Deed, indeed, says I, and only the Fool in search of his own kind would accept and follow such Folly.

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