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Networks Messing with the Primal Forces of Nature*

So, here we all are proposing a Cyber Wassenaar Arrangement which proves the existence of a state of leading virtual reality. You know what is bound to be following, don’t you. Aliens in your midsts creating Absolutely Fabulous CHAOS with Madness and Mayhem attending to and entertaining opposing forces and competing sources in order to keep them busily occupied doing nothing of significant consequence to hinder Rapid Revolutionary Future Progress …….. Radical Fundamental Systemic Changes.

Or do you deny and would vainly dispute the virtual evidence placed before you of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems with Earthly masses dancing to their myriad tunes?

To Command and Control/Limit and Contain that very particular and peculiar market will require considerably more than just Advanced Intelligence and Remote Wishes for it is worth Gazillions and can topple nations in a series of instances with flash crashes and expandable zeroday vulnerability exploits …….. Naked Short Stock Cell Sells.

And in the mind of some, and in larger than life beings in Live Operational Virtual Environments, does that makes it and IT with AIMedia Moguls, a perfect business venturing experience to invest and be long in.

* The world is a business, Mr Beale

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