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> named after Mount Wycheproof, the smallest mountain in the world,

I've just spent five minutes trying to chase down a source for its status as a mountain, but so far all my google results appear to form a loop.

Quite a few pages called it 'the smallest registered mountain in the world', but no where have I yet found what 'registered mountain' means.

I'll give it another 5 minutes and report back shortly.

[EDIT:] Ah, it would appear that there is no universal definition of 'mountain', and people understand that definition can vary from place to place. The very minimum is that it be a geological feature with steep sides that dominates a surrounding area - so Mount Wycheproof qualifies in those respects.

The UK generally uses a height of roughly 2000' or (300 M, or more than a few Brontosauri stacked nose to tail) to distinguish mountains from hills. I live and I learn!

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