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That reminds me of a story I heard when working with Burroughs/Unisys equipment back in the late 1980s. A customer who had bought a second-hand Burroughs/Unisys B28 system. These came as modular pieces of kit that were clipped together - common modules were CPU, hard disk only and combined hard/floppy. Customer had phoned support because she couldn't get the 5.25" floppy to read after inserting it. Apparently, it was only when the support person asked about whether she'd flipped the floppy drive door shut that it turned out that she couldn't find anything resembling the door catch. It finally dawned on support that she'd been sold a CPU module plus a hard drive only module (no floppy module at all) and had just been slipping the floppy disk in between the CPU and hard drive modules.

There's a pic here of a B28 system (this one DOES include a combined hard/floppy module):

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