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DevOps was never supposed to replace Operations

This article addresses a classic simplistic mischaracterization of DevOps. What is DevOps about? Think about what was needed to set up an apache server circa 2000. Now think about "apt install apache". Or "yum install apache". THAT is what DevOps is supposed to be about -- taking processes and knowledge out of wetware & sticking it into applications (and libraries). It's not that dependency management is not important, it is that it is so important that we don't trust humans to manage it. Same thing with Chef, Puppet, Jenkins... None of these tools are about eliminating OPs. We are a long way from having software decide when to change an OS distribution in prod, or make deep changes in security policies.

What is important to understand, however, is that this is SOFTWARE. Just as noted above, it is not possible to be the very best in operations & the very best in software development. We programmers are going to have to learn a lot about ops in order to provide useful tools, and the operations folks are going to have to admit that they are not programmers in order for DevOps to provide usable tools.

But there are lots of managers that are like the proverbial farmer who when told that if he bought a horse, it would save him half of his work, so he bought two...

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