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So, for about ten moths, this server had been carefully backing up everything, but never copying the data off itself.

I got called in to a customer[1] site where they'd had a disk crash. They'd been running the business on a Deskstar, and that drive had done what Deskstars do.

The data was gone. I couldn't get to large numbers of sectors, let alone carve anything off them. I had to tell the customer the bad news, and suggest a new drive and a restore-from-backup[2]. This was my optimistic way of asking them if they *had* a backup.

Yes, they did have a backup. Well, that made life easier. So where was it? On the other machine in the office.

Except, of course there was no backup. They'd just shared the drive across the network, with both machines merrily writing data off to that paragon of data integrity...

I was fielding calls for months afterwards. "We used to hace this file on the desktop, but it';s gone". "Do you remember that disk crash you had? Do you remember what I said about most of your data being lost?"...


[1] They weren't my customer until that day. And I'd probably have been better off not takinng them on at all.

[2] I made a number of other suggestions as well. I'm pretty sure most of them were ignored...

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