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PC on a data diet

I was called to one of the sites I used to support to deal with a floppy disc drive on an office PC that was 'eating' discs, back in the day when these things were actually rather expensive. Figuring it was scratching the discs or something similar, I acquired a new drive and headed up there. This is the same office that reported a monitor fault the week earlier that was solved by turning the brightness up.

So I tested the floppy drive there, and everything was looking ok; no sign of damage to the sacrificial disc. Cleaned it anyway, and asked them to try it. Wandered out for lunch, and came back to "it's eaten another one". I asked to look at the disc, but they didn't have it, which was puzzling, but enlightenment took hold a few moment later, when I opened the case and found over thirty floppy discs inside the case which had been pushed through a very small gap between the drive and the casing.

A couple of minor adjustments later, and the small gap is significantly smaller, the users educated, and the missing data 'recovered', and I'm heading off site desperately trying to not crack up completely. I went straight over the road to the pub. Too much idiocy for one day.

The same user some time later asked me to look at her home PC which had stopped working abruptly. This job was quickly identified as a dud power supply, and easily replaced. On inspecting the old one, I asked if she had a long-haired white cat, because most of it was in the power supply (at least it's winter coat). Apparently it liked to sit on top of the PC because it was warm (at least the bits that were getting better insulated against the effects of the cooling fan each day)

(Posting anonymously incase the persons concerned are reading)

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