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My apologies to those...

... who have no doubt lived through similar experiences in years past, and posted them above. But I still grind my teeth (those few I have left) from time to time when I remember a home visit I made to one of the profs at the Tech College mad enough to employ me.

The individual in question explained to me he'd been doing some disk house keeping on his state of the art 10Gb hard drive Olivetti PC. Clearing up some old files. Deleting them. From the command prompt.

I know. I suppose it wasn't _his_ fault WordStar let you use * as a file name character. And even *.*. And yes. He'd used that as a name for one of his files. Sigh...

So. His machine was in an ongoing state of 'I'm buggered'. So I asked him if he still had the release floppies he'd got with the machine. Of course, I was expecting something like 'no'. But lo! Very meticulous he was! He said 'of course', and went to get them. I figured, maybe half an hour and I'd be done.

Then he bought them. The floppies. All neatly indexed, with little labels on them. In ring binders. Guess how he'd put them in the ring binders. anyone who suggests 'in little packet sleeves with neat pairs of punched holes in them' will be absolutely right. So long as they delete the 'in little packet sleeves with' bit.


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