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IT ops doesn't matter. Really?

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For Decades Developpers have neen ignored by infrastructure vendors because the decision makers buying infrastructure sit in the infrastructure teams. Now with the cloud etc vendors realize they will lose supporters within these teams.

So instead - infrastructure vendors target developpers to become their next fanboys.

E.g. Dear developper, you won't need to speak to your infrastructure admins anymore to setup a development environment. Now you can automate, orchestrate the provisioning of your containerized development environment at the push of a button. Blah blah blah, but you have to buy our storage.

I remember the days when every DBA wanted RAID10 just because thats what the whitepaper recommended. By that time storage technology had long moved on, but the DBA still talked about Full Stripe Writes.

Now with DevOps you'll have Developpers influencing infrastructure decisions, because they just learned about snapshots. And yes - it has to be all flash - and designed from the ground up by millenials that eat avocado.

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