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You just reminded me, I logged onto a customer's system the other day, to reacquaint myself with the firewall config, and had an urge to check out the backup system I'd set up a year or so ago.

Backups are made of a bunch of different directories, and a couple of databases, before being archived and finally rsynced across to a central server where they'll be included in the off site backup.

Now this customer had moved offices recently, and changed their IP range as well, and clearly someone had though ahead and to avoid getting errors, they'd commented out the entire section of my backup script that copied the backups off the machine to the other server. Of course, they'd never un-commented those lines...

So, for about ten moths, this server had been carefully backing up everything, but never copying the data off itself.

(yes I fixed the script, and no, I didn't bother telling the customer, they'll only find a different way to bugger it up)

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