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I worked for a company where the main software that was used in one area was DOS based and always had been. This was a specialised program and had become vital over the years despite the odd bug or two staying resident even though there were new versions released. You had to remember to make back up discs of your database each week and this had to be done on a floppy disc. These were hardy though and could be sent off site to our disaster recovery site. The company that wrote it had made a fortune out of that but now there were competitors and they were writing stuff that worked (and worked better) on Windows 95 & XP. So the company had to innovate and brought out a windows version which we were the guinea pigs for. I was the Chief Guinea Pig and was going to be the primary tester of it - Oh joy!

So I gave a report to my boss at the end of the first day as did a programmer who was also evaluating it. I pointed out that all they had done was port the DOS software version to a windows environment. They hadn't made any changes and the only thing new was the GUI which was now all flashy and shiny. All the things that were bugbears in the DOS version existed in the windows version and some new ones appeared. Sadly they had ported over the back up method too and you could still only back up to the A drive i.e. a floppy. No other options existed not CDR, nor to a server, or an external floppy drive. I pointed out that we had just taken the decision to take out floppy drives once the new software was green lit. We'd also put orders in for new machines with no floppy drives and we'd have to change these. The programmer had an even more damning assessment of the back end and database structure. When we asked about the back up options being severely limited and basically crap the UK office said "What other options are there for backing up? They're not very big back up files and they fit a floppy perfectly"

We did continue the testing until one day about 3 months in there was a massive failure and restoring any of our back ups had no effect. It took them a few days to find the cause but by that point we were already talking to their competitors.

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