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Steven Raith

No story to share, but...


"“Robert” sent a story of an emergency he was asked to fix, after a server admin mistook a spring-loaded power switch for a floppy drive's eject disk button.

The server admin wanted Robert to walk around the office – a trading room - and have all the traders save their work, ASAP. While Robert did that, the server admin would keep his finger on the button, because to release it would turn off the server."

Is it just me who nodded sagely and thought 'good lad' for the smart thinking of the server admin? Yeah, he massively cocked up, but at least he had the foresight to think of the consequences and mitigate them as best he could.

I didn't really start in the desktop IT world till floppy disks were becoming less popular (I did some ISP support work in the early 2000s, then moved into desktop support in the mid 2000s, although I had been messing with computers since the mid 90s in some form) so I missed a lot of these old skool shenanigans...

Steven R

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