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ahh, floppy disks

Back in the mists of time, when floppies were common, I often used to get calls where people had hole punched them to put in files, or stapled them to reports, then wondered shy the data was corrupt

On more than one occasion, I came across someone who had cut the black sleeve open and slid the bare disk out then tried to insert into the drive. To be fair this was the late eighties when floppy vinyl singles were common giveaways on the likes of Smash Hits.

We found that 3.5" disks occasionally stuck (we had rubbish disks and drives), and that carefully turning the spindle freed it. I actually convinced our office apps trainer that if you turned the spindle it moved the data to the edge which made it quicker to access. She parroted this to her trainees for at least 5 years. she was also told that we saved electricity if empty sockets were switched off as it stopped electricity "leaking out"

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