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Deeply Flawed article

The article starts with: "Chinese researchers claim to have taken facial recognition to the next level – by predicting the personality traits of women from their photos alone."

However, both the title of the paper and the extracts included in article do not support this assertion:

The title "Automated Inference on Sociopsychological Impressions of Attractive Female Faces" actually says what the paper is really about: an automated system that mimics what people do.

The extracts also support this:

"A non-acquaintance female face can be judged unanimously as being physically beautiful, and yet different observers may associate this face with approval or disapproval connotations, using labels (or stereotypes) like pure, sweet, endearing, innocent, cute, on one hand, or indifferent, pretentious, pompous, arrogant, shallow, frivolous, coquettish, on the other," the paper states.

"As these labels are loosely binary quantization of social attributes of trustworthiness, dominance, innocence, and introvert-extrovert, here is another case for the old, cross-culture belief that facial appearances are symptoms of innate traits and behavioral propensity."

Both extracts are referring to how people make an association between appearance and personality; nowhere are they claiming that these associations are correct.

It would have been an interesting story if hadn't been so badly misrepresented.

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