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"Its easier to manipulate the results and very difficult to prove it was done."

Until it isn't. If the results are put into public scrutiny, repetition and occurrences of votes begin to quickly stand out. But, are the results put into the public eye? If not, your statement is air tight. Of course if it is all kept on paper, nobody but the select few will ever be able to rebut any voter fraud, which is how it is now with nobody really able to rebut.

I think electronic voting is a problem for governments and I believe they will try further to discredit them in the future. If electronic voting can be made to work, then a lot of jobs can be retired, particularly the U.S. Senate (or the Canadian equivalent).

There is a lot of arguments revolving around a new system of electronic voting, however in my experience most of those arguments are made by people lacking a true sense of change. Basically, those people just believe what we have now is all we can work with, and that's destiny...forever. The programmed type of people, nothing seems to be able to change them, but thankfully they are easily controlled or at least isolated (thanks to proven established partisan systems of pitting 1/2 of a country against the other).

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