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Beauty is in the AI of the beholder: Young blokes teach computer to judge women by their looks

Vince Lewis 1

System not working as expected

Researcher_1: "I've run through with the new parameters, 999 were assigned to group 1 and only one was assigned to group 2"

Researcher_2: "What's the new parameters?"

Researcher_1: "Would they Talk to me"

Researcher_2: "Harsh, Still using your Mum's picture in the data set?"

Researcher_1: "Yes, but she wasn't the positive"

Researcher_2: "Who was?"

Researcher_1: "The head of HR"

Researcher_2: "Ooo, Looks like you've got mail. What does it say?"

Researcher_1: "Its from the head of HR, wants to see me in her office to explain why I've been photographing the campus females"

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