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I refer you to the post I made above. There were four options for Sun:

1. Go bankrupt.

2. Get bought out by IBM for IP and have all hardware and systems axed overnight.

3. Get bought out by Oracle for IP and have all hardware and systems axed overnight.

4. Get bought out by Oracle and have investment in hardware and systems axed increased.

Options 1 and 2 have been avoided. They would have happened if it wasn't for Oracle buying Sun.

Option 3 is something a lot of FUDsters from other vendors would have you believe. So far there were 26 quarters where they were wrong. If Oracle ever decides to end something, they'll be the first ones to go out and tell you: WE TOLD YOU SO! Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Option 4 is something going strong for the last 6 years. Oracle made money on the Sun acquisition, spent a lot on developing Solaris, SPARC and other hardware, and are still making money on hardware.

As long as hardware makes money for Oracle, why would they kill it?

Oracle is probably the only large IT company that does not lay off swathes of staff like IBM, Dell or HP[E]. Their latest large layoff was Project RAPID mentioned in the article -- 50 very experienced people when their project was terminated. They will have no problem finding a job in the Austin area or within Oracle.

Also, Oracle prefers to hire from within. If any layoffs are coming, there are usually positions to choose from and stay.

That's something that can't be said of other companies.

Why don't people give Oracle the benefit of doubt -- at least in this case?

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