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Yes but what you did NOT say was that the peripherals like the computer, the injector manifolds, the intercoolers and the like have been cheapened. One only has to look at something like the injector pack for the ford, buy the Peugeot one for the same engine, its cheaper and better, now also go and change the computer and map it. The Engine may be a standard, but the badging is totally different. Also the niceties of the engine. Try the economy for example or the emissions after 3 years. It is the same with a Fiat or a Renault, they all have differing other bits.

As for BMW, the main reason for that, and I hate Badly Made Wagons, is that the maintenance is not carried out properly, and that most Fix Or Repair Daily are used by companies that maintain to a high standard.

Look at Fords after about 5 years, the emissions may make the car a write off.

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