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Down and down you go just like all past large colonizers, Italy, Greek, Egyptian, Byzantine. Just look at Greece and Italy now, fundamentally broke, exactly the pattern for the UK . Lets go on, French Empire, German Empire, even the dear old US of A is having its problems, and of course Russia.

Soon there will be people scavenging in dustbins for food.....Oh that is right, they already are! Total reduction of employed people, the rich getting richer and the poor...well they will not be getting a car too soon, an increase in the prison population, racial tension or better. Look at the US. In part almost civil war, whites versus the rest!

It is coming to a road near you. You voted for it if you voted Brexit. You were lied to, the NHS does not get any of the savings, there will not be any, just a greater expense.

People did NOT do their own research, contact large companies etc. Companies like JCB who build around the world to avoid import duties are loving this. Cut back UK production and do it in Germany. Enjoy, by 2018 Xmas your costs will have increased by about 10 to 15% and your wage will not, but unemployment is set to go up in 2019 by about 10%.

Enjoy yourselves its better than you think,

poor England now ,is going down the Sink

The UK is done,

you haven't done the sum.

Enjoy yourself enjoy yourself,

Its the poor that will be done!

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